Maps of Native American Tribes & Indian Reservations in the United States

Hundreds of different and diverse indigenous tribes of Native Americans thrived in North America for tens of thousands of years.  Skeletons have been found which are older than 10,000 B.C. in the Pacific Northwest USA. In the past 275 years their numbers have been reduced by more than 90% as white men and women of European descent arrived and settled North America. By 1888 the tribal life of all Native American indians had been altered forever.  Millions up on millions of Native Americans had been reduced to less than 10% of their former numbers and were crowded onto reservations where the land was practically barren in many instances. Starvation was rampant on many of these new “reservations” which were set aside for the remnant tribes of Native Americans.

Today just a tiny fraction of Native American tribes remain in America. Below are maps documenting the Native Americans which still reside in the US. The greatest remaining remnant of Native American tribal peoples now reside in Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, North and South Dakota. New maps are added to this post as I locate them.,%20George/Cram1898IndianTy.jpg

Indian Reservations in the Continental United States [3214 x 2200]CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!


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