USA Maps Show UFO Sightings Are Reported from Predominantly Rural Areas

There is a wonderful common sense explanation for this map. The night light emitted by large cities washes the sky in so much light that most all stars are not visible. Most UFOs are not either. Once outside of the glare of big city bright lights, one sees not only the vivid splash of the Milky Way galaxy spilling across the sky, one sees many other things in  the night sky as well.

In the first year after I left my urban home and relocated into the Oregon wilderness, I saw and noted UFOs in my region along the Oregon coast more than 3 dozen times. I am NOT kidding. I watched as large fleets of UFOs maneuvered, froze in space and made 180 degree turns at blistering speeds, appeared, blinked out, disappeared then reappeared again. Often they would leave bright vivid neon “electric” blue light trails behind them that defied understanding. These objects were NOT helicopters, meteors, airplanes, balloons or hoaxes.

Had I reported all that I have observed thus far in the night skies along the Oregon coast the police department would know me well by now. I know better than to do that. I keep my own personal record of what I see, and now and again I will mention it in a blog post. Living in the country gives one the front and center seat to watch these mysterious off-world guests of our US military as they patrol the skies overhead. I dare to wonder out loud whether these guests, along with the CIA and the NSA, actually run our federal government at this point. If we all learned soon that this was in fact, true, it would not surprise me one bit. I am still looking for photos of the tall white aliens who frequently visit and meet with officials from the UN. One day I will find those photos. But by then it will be common knowledge anyway, so publishing them won’t make any difference.

Here are the UFO reported sightings USA maps, by region:


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