Facebook “Word Cloud” Reveals Personality Types, Traits, Groups [ For Better or Worse ]

You knew it had to happen. The potential human personality trait raw data gold mine of Facebook has finally been tapped by social scientists and psychologists.  If we live in an absolute emerging idiocracy, then at least social scientists are documenting it with hard science via Facebook. Isn’t it wonderful!!  Just look at all the amazingly complex one syllable words which 80% of FB users use every day which identify them to other FB users of similar interests. Among the more advanced two syllable words often used we notice the new and soon to be permanent disappearance of the “g” from the American human vernacular:  chillin’  gettin’  goin’  havin’  hangin’  & freakin’.

See http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-study-on-language-and-personality-2013-10




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