How and Where America Worships: Color Coded Maps

During the first year of the Obama presidency, he ventured to make the offhand comment that “America is no longer a Christian nation”  or words to that effect, in a speech. It was at that moment I knew how little this man knows about the country he is supposedly leading. Where on earth Barack Obama ever got the idea that Christianity is no longer the majority religion in the United States is beyond me. After all, we have the internet and a universe of hard statistics, artfully portrayed in map form, at our fingertips, and the man does own a Blackberry. Here’s a map I located today that explains quite simply what the president seems incapable of understanding. Had he grown up in the United States, he would know.  But he did not. He grew up in Indonesia. His lack of even a basic grasp of American religious demographics is inexcusable. Either that, or he had a motive in mind. But don’t get me started.

In this next map we get a good snapshot of which locales in the United States show where populations worship the most. Out west, it’s Utah, and Northern New Mexico [ the Santa Fe region has been known as a multi-cultural spiritual mecca for all sorts of worship, both traditional, and non-traditional, for decades ] followed by North and South Dakota, Montana, and northern Texas. Persons looking to relocate who want to experience and share a more spiritual lifestyle, focused on worship and community spirit, might want to consider these locales. Here’s the map.


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