Average Penis Sizes By Nation, Map of the World

Buck up gentlemen. You knew it had to happen. Now that breast size by nation has been outed, everyone wants to know. What nations bear the proud distinction of having the statistically largest penis sizes? Here’s the verdict:

Columbia, Venezuela, Sudan, Bolivia and Hungary come in at the top of the list, with their men statistically sporting the largest penises in the world. Next for length and size is the rest of South America, the rest of Africa, [explaining exactly why ‘once you go black you never go back‘ ] France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Italy [ of course! ] and Bulgaria.

The USA, Russia, Australia, Yemen, Romania and Afghanistan all come in a modest third in the race for which nation boasts the largest male members. And bringing up the rear is China, India, and Indonesia.

Here’s the map:



One thought on “Average Penis Sizes By Nation, Map of the World

  1. This has been proven untrue, you REALLY think people are telling the truth about their penis size and if you say it is done by doctors, how many people are they measuring, I guarantee most guys aren’t going to let someone touch/see their junk that isn’t their woman


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