Who Are the Smartest People on Earth? Who Are the Dimmest? World Maps of Average IQ Scores

[ 4.11.2015 Blog Author’s NOTE:  Some of the maps published in this post have ‘mysteriously disappeared’ now and again. One reader notified me, and I replaced a missing map and adding more maps from diverse sources and studies. This information should not be censored. If you locate this post and see that no maps are published beneath it, please drop me a line under ‘comments’ and I will re-post the maps.]

Competition is a healthy thing, inspiring those in the lower positions of achievement to aspire to do better, and to strive to become number one. Ask any sports fan. They will tell you all about it. Hundreds of factors weigh in when attempting to measure raw fundamental human intelligence, not the least being genetics of one’s most immediate human ancestors, overall health, literacy and level of education, nutritional history, the immediate physical and social environment, cultural mores, even the role which religious beliefs have upon the imperative to learn vs. blind acceptance of what is taught from pulpit or mosque.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I publish these maps. I have long been fascinated with IQ. I learned as a young child that I had registered an IQ score along with musical aptitude in the top 1 percentile of the nation, and was invited to join Mensa. I declined. I’ve since had plenty enough all-out-stupid days to know that IQ scores are by no means the only measure of human intelligence. Tests have never been developed which measure spiritual aptitude, emotional intelligence, artistic intelligence and raw scientific aptitude. We still live in ‘the dark ages’ of properly assessing human intelligence, raw talent, and untapped human aptitude for achievement across the board. I would especially like to cite the young teen prodigy and inventor from Sierra Leone who has stunned the world with his remarkable self-taught capability to literally rummage through garbage heaps, locating discarded electronic parts which he has refashioned into radios, power generators, batteries, flashlights and the like. There is no arguing that this boy is a genius. It shatters all stereotypes which might be inferred by the maps published below. See http://screenshotsnews.net/2015/04/11/prodigies-shapshots-of-young-geniuses-around-the-world-and-what-they-are-doing/

The other kid in my school who scored in the top 1 percentile of the nation ended up selling vacuum cleaners for a living as a grown man. So there you have it. IQ is not all it’s cracked up to be. So don’t let any of these maps upset you. And if you were born in Asia, congratulations! Your nation scored the highest IQs on average. as for the rest of us, let’s all try harder. We can all nervously chuckle and crack a few more banal jokes about China while they quietly plan their sudden and total takeover of the world, which will certainly be unfurled at some point in my lifetime. Anyone with half a brain, and I do have at least half of one, can foresee that China is destined to dominate the latter half of the 21st century.  I only wish that it was not a Godless China who would be stepping forward onto the world stage. A nation without God is a ship without a rudder. Look around at the sorry condition of the USA then tell me I am wrong. Here’s the map.








12 thoughts on “Who Are the Smartest People on Earth? Who Are the Dimmest? World Maps of Average IQ Scores

      • Yes, but how reliable is it? Most people I have met from supposedly the smartest areas of the world come close to being morons and those from the supposedly less intelligent areas seem more intelligent; let’s wait until everyone in the world is equally educated, before we get all excited about these stats. Stats lie sometimes, and I believe these stats will change drastically when and if this ever comes about. Meanwhile they seem to be worthless!


      • A statistic is a snapshot in time, subject to change by 1,001 outside influences as time passes. Believe it or not, NUTRITION is one of the most important cultivating factors in developing a human mind which is capable of great intelligence and insight. If all Americans knew that Coca-Cola makes you stupid, do you think they would stop drinking it like water 24-7? No statistic is worthless, it is merely a fleeting freeze-frame of a particular moment in time and space on any inhabited world. Please calm down. All of the commenting in the universe won’t change that I often publish controversial and hard to swallow material. That having been said, I am well aware of the current level of sheer idiocracy on display in America. I write about it all the time. Stay blessed and inquisitive. Cultivate your own brilliance and you will be just fine! – Leigh

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    • Well these tests are largely education dependant… so if the immigrants
      finish school ..
      wait until married to have kids,
      and work full time..
      they’ll have a pretty good life and contribute..the people in the US who do these three things make an average of $55,000 a year,,, and only 2% of people who do all three things live in poverty…
      These may be people who deal with mental illness who knows?
      But if they don’t do these three things,,, its not a good indicator for prosperity.. I think the reason many Black Americans live in poverty … is precisely because they don’t finish school and have kids too early.


  1. The analysis of IQ by countries are false data for conclusion. I am African with over 100 IQ score. So, just this fact itself make the whole subject of your conclusion irrelevant. Unless you have hidden agenda to portray as “African are not intelligent”. The Abyssinian(Ethiopians) discovered Mathematica. Egyptian invented photography.


    • You should take no offense. Educational opportunities, or the lack thereof, have very much to do with the cultivation of inherent intelligence. There are Americans out there in my own society, many of them in high political office, who are not smart enough to tie their own shoes. There are exceptions to every general conclusion. I’m glad to meet you and I’ll look forward to hearing more of your comments. Have a blessed day!


      • People who are intelligent enough to comprehend fair reasoning & logic NEVER make broad sweeping generalizations about ANY population of people. My people have little machines on Mars driving around taking photos and sending them back. That’s smart enough for me. Have a VERY nice life. – Leigh


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