Which States Make the Most Popular Beer? USA and World Beer Maps


Unless it’s a micro-brew out of the Pacific Northwest [ I’m partial ] most American beer sucks. Animal bile is mixed into many commercial beers like Budweiser and Miller to get them to foam properly, since “real beer” takes time to brew, and the demand from drunken college kids for beer is so huge, no one has time to actual brew it anymore. Some beer brands even found a clever to market the “fakeness” of their super-fast chemically fake brewed beer by stamping a ridiculous “freshness date” on the side, marketing the fake-fast-brew to college kids as the very “freshest” beer.  Of course they bought the ploy and consequently consumed more fake chemically brewed beer than ever, making themselves sicker than ever the next day.

https://i0.wp.com/cdn.theatlanticcities.com/img/upload/2013/07/10/2013_U.S._Open_Beer_Championship_best_brewery_in_america_capital_brewing_madison_middleton_wisconsin/largest.JPGWhen you wake up with a pure beer hangover that’s so intense that you feel as if your head is going to physically explode at the sound of a door closing and you hurl your breakfast and lunch, that’s not just a normal hangover you are having. That’s a highly toxic chemically brewed “fake beer hangover” acquired from imbibing voluminous amounts of artificially chemically brewed faux beer churned out by the top American owned commercial breweries to satisfy college age drinkers’ insatiable demand for more and more beer. Dear drunk college kid: news flash – real beer is not brewed in 5-6 days. So if you buy your beer from a USA owned commercial brewery which has a stamped “freshness date” on it, odds are it has been chemically enhanced to seem more like real “brewed” beer but is not.

Cited: “You can turn around a low alcohol ale in a couple weeks. It usually takes a commercial brewer 3-4 weeks to make a regular strength ale. Same time frame for a home brewer making a regular strength ale. Force carbonating your beer, rather than bottle conditioning, will make it faster, probably in the 2-3 week range.

Higher alcohol beers take longer as they need more time to ferment and, in many case, need some time for the beer to age to mellow it. Some styles, like Imperial Stout, can take 6 months before they are ready.

Lagers take several more weeks than ales, at least, as they need to cold age (aka lager) to finish fermenting and clean up yeast leftovers from fermentation.


Does Your Beer Brand Pass “The Hot Beer Test”?

If you want to try to ascertain whether the beer you drink has unsavory added chemical and / or animal bile components [ originally not intended for human consumption, but like so many food products, now added to human food ] take a can or bottle of it and let it sit on the counter unrefrigerated for about a day.  DON’T shake it, fool! 

When it’s been sitting nice and warm for a day, open it and slowly take a drink the way you would sip a fine wine, swishing it around a little before you sip, smelling the aroma, and looking for “extra” flavors in the beer.  If you have an actual palate for real beer at all you will begin tasting raw metal, plastic, odd unidentified chemical components and a host of “other” off flavors that are faux-brew beer additives. Only a real beer, slow brewed for several weeks, or even months, will taste as good warm as it does ice cold. That’s the very best taste test for ascertaining REAL beer.

As for me, I’m a fan of Red Hook Ale, Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Saint Paulie Girl, Rolling Rock, blonde ales, India pale ales, http://extras.mnginteractive.com/live/media/site36/2011/0713/20110713__denver-beer~p1_300.jpgsome porters, several German ales and others.  But to appreciate fine craftsmanship and great taste – you gotta go for REAL beer, which is really actually slow brewed.

Avoid the Exploding Head Afterburn

Eat a hearty plate of pasta & steak, then drink a 16 oz glass of water and take an aspirin before you go out clubbing. Then drink only REAL beer, if you are a beer drinker. Don’t mix distilled spirits [ hard liquor ] with beer either, that’s a no-no.  Your next day hangover ought to come in at a minimum, if at all.

Here’s a list of the 8 best beer towns in America. Bottom’s up.










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