World Map Showing Origins & Occurances of Female Breast Sizes

Yep, you read that headline right. If you are lucky enough to be a man born in the Scandanavian countries or Russia then you are more likely to be fondling larger breasts of your romantic significant other. Our beloved USA runs a close second, with our ladies averaging the next largest bosoms in the world.

If you were born in China, the Mideast, Africa or Greenland, you will most likely get quality, not quantity of female breast size from the lady you romance.  [ Isn’t that what they all say, it’s the quality, not quantity, often stated thusly:

“If it’s more than a mouthful it’s too much.” 🙂

I am certain that exceptions to the rule do apply But, HEY! Don’t blame me, I’m just the blogger who reported the news.  Here’s the map:


Go ahead and sound off! Thanks.

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