The Power of Google Maps and Other Fascinating News on the Web


  1. Google’s Map to World Domination

    They come by land, air, and sea. They are everywhere. They are looking for everything. And the stakes are high. Google is leading the way in the race to map every last inch of the planet. Twenty-percent of all Google queries performed from the desktop already result in a little map being displayed. But that’s the only the beginning. “All of our stuff will know where it is — and that awareness will imbue the real world with some of the power of the virtual. Your house keys will tell you that they’re still on your desk at work. Your tools will remind you that they were lent to a friend. And your car will be able to drive itself on an errand to retrieve both your keys and your tools.” Thankfully, you’ll still need me to help you find a great article on the…

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