Tide is Turning Toward Equal Rights for Gays and Lesbians: USA Gay Marriage Map by State

“My idea of happiness is killing things … pop-pop-pop-pop.” – Phil Robertson

During the same three day period that saw Duck Dynasty‘s patriarch, Phil Robertson, lose his place on the wildly popular reality TV show due to some VERY unfortunate and telling remarks about gays and blacks that he made in a GQ magazine interview, both Utah and New Mexico announced that same sex marriages are now legal in their states.

That covers the whole breadth of the red-hot issue in one fell swoop. Every human being deserves to marry the person they love. It’s not rocket science. It’s only fair and equitable. But due to bible passages in the JKV which are nearly 3,000 years old and comparable to stoning a woman who is menstruating, [as taught in the old testament ] or having sexual relations with your family maid [ taught in the Old Testament as well ]  – uproar still ensues when these passages are cited by modern Christians who intend to follow every passage in Old Testament literally.

It seems as a society we utterly lack the wisdom and discernment to know which passages in the Old Testament have withstood the “moral test of time” and which ones are outdated and archaic. That is to say, we lack insight and wisdom in modern America. But then again if you are alive and have a pulse, you knew that.

I actually enjoyed watching the tomfoolery and antics of the guys on Duck Dynasty for ten or fifteen minutes once in a while. Until I saw the recently unearthed video of Phil Robertson preaching in PA in 2010. Wow. Knowing how he really feels, and being born gay myself, I have to say, I just can’t bring myself to remain interested in the fate of Duck Dynasty. More hate speech we can all do without.

The next time you see a news report about a gay teen suicide, or a young gay person being beaten to death in some rural backwater, you can thank Phil Robertson for helping to spread the hatred of those who are biologically different. What makes it all the more difficult to swallow for another Christian [ that would be me ] is that he invokes the name of God in so doing. I don’t believe God regards me as some sort of half human animal. Christians like Phil are ruining Christianity for the rest of us, who believe in live and let live. I have no right to judge another member of God’s creation, no matter how they are genetically put together. It’s not up to me.

What Phil Robertson said from the pulpitin his sermon in 2010 [ see video below ] is so backward, hate filled, ignorant and downright frightening, that I am astounded he ever got a reality TV show in the first damn place.

Map: New Mexico becomes the 17th state (plus D.C.) to legalize same-sex marriage

  • By Niraj Chokshi
  • December 19 at 2:33 pm

Gay same-sex marriage map (<a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/same-sex-marriage/">Washington Post</a>)

Gay same-sex marriage map (Washington Post)

New Mexico’s Supreme Court on Thursday ruled a ban on gay marriages unconstitutional, making the state the 17th to allow same-sex unions.

Ten others recognize unions and partnerships while 33 limit marriages to opposite-sex couples. Most of the state bans on same-sex marriage are embedded in state constitutions.

Counties in New Mexico had already been issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, The Post’s Aaron Blake writes. And New Mexico hadn’t explicitly banned or allowed same-sex marriages.

Public opinion on the issue has flipped over the past decade. In 2003, 55 percent opposed gay marriage while 37 percent supported it. Today, 58 percent support it while 36 percent oppose, according to data compiled by The Post’s Masuma Ahuja and Emily Chow.

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