Maps Detailing Possible Routes Armies Might Take Across the Globe to Armageddon

My posting of these collected maps constitutes neither an endorsement, nor a rebuttal of their contents, or claims to accuracy. That having been said, I do believe the teachings of the Bible regarding a great and terrible global conflict to come in the future which will involve the largest armies on earth. Further, I believe that great conflict will take place in my lifetime, at some point in the next 30 to 40 years. Ergo, one would want to consider getting the deeper spiritual affairs of their own soul in order. I would offer up to readers that it is not the quantity of one’s life which is important, in the end, but the quality of it, which actually matters.

For those agnostics or atheists who disdain a life lived out of faith in God, I cannot possibly imagine a bleaker existence than to face our collective future as a species, [given that we have lived almost every decade of our lives as a species inventing fresh new ways to kill and maim one another on the battlefield] with no belief in any sort of higher power which would render meaning into the senselessness which makes up more than 90% of mortal existence. I thank God every day that I found Him and walk with Him and in Him. No religion gave me this. No church gave me this. No human being gave me this. God gave me this. It won’t matter what happens to me. What matters is that I love Him and live to follow His path for me in the universe. Death, hell, war, human cruelty and abject idiocy and evil cannot and will not take this from me. I am one of the lucky ones. Glory to God for it. I have faith and my faith will carry me all the way home! Enjoy the maps, odd as some of them are.


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