Memphis named unhealthiest city in America

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis was named the unhealthiest city in America in the 2014 American Fitness Index report.

Fifty cities were ranked, and Memphis came in dead last.

The American Fitness Index bases their rankings on four things, all of which include multiple indicators:

1) Chronic health problems (diabetes, asthma)

2) Health behaviors (smoking, fruit consumption)

3) Physical or built environments (parks, farmer’s markets)

4) Recreational facilities (pools, playgrounds)

It’s a city is famous for barbecue, and on Beale Street, the food and drinks never seem to stop flowing.

“There aren’t many health places you can eat,” Memphis resident Desteni Leakes said.

Memphians like Leakes think the city could do better.

“I the city should do something to motivate the parents so our society won’t be so obese.”

The Shelby County Health Department said they are already working to improve health in the city.

Community Health Planner Jason Hodges said…

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