Mapping the Spread of Ebola Globally

 Updated on 10.24.2014

I began this post in late September and I try to get in and update it every couple of weeks. New charts, maps and info-graphics are added to both top and bottom, so scroll down to see all of it. Feel free to share. Be sure to subscribe for more free map related info on Ebola and the fight to stop the approaching pandemic. I have another Ebola maps page which contains an urgent medical report which needs to be read and shared by every literate human being on earth with an internet connection. I’ve posted it first:

Mapping The Spread of Ebola: October 2014 Collected Maps & Data

Readers might also want to investigate an interactive world map produced by the CFR which shows a global array of “vaccine preventable outbreaks” of diseases on a world map: included are polio, measles, whooping cough, Rubella and more. See

Death toll from West Africa Ebola outbreak jumps to 603 – W.H.O.

Ebola Death Toll In West Africa Jumps To 603

Ebola epidemic in Guinea: ‘People think it’s made-up’

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