New World Land Maps After A Global Pole Shift: Opinions and Projections Vary Wildly

This is probably one of the most controversial and problematic topics on the internet today. The question of whether or IF there will be a pole shift, and the possibility that entire sections of densely populated coastlines all around the world might be quickly submerged has aroused fierce debate for at least the past 20 or 30 years, [during which time the internet came into being], and since the year 2000 more and more maps and prophetic information has been aggregated widely online. In the video below Nancy Lieder makes some very astute observations, while in the next breath she makes some quite startling predictions as well, among which she states calmly that “India will become the new south pole” after the pole shift. Is she correct?  Just who exactly is going to be alive to know and recall, should such an event occur?

From Edgar Cayce’s predictions – which were mostly made in the 1930s and 40s, to much older and well known passages in scripture, diverse predictions of an “end time” global catastrophe have been made again and again over the past 2500 years. The problem has been that as of yet – none of these “earth changes” prophecies have come true. Or have they? If you adjust the timelines given along with many of these maps, you find that some of the predicted earth changes seem to be unfolding right before our eyes. Here are several interesting  maps I found this morning, many of which I have published over and over again on some of my other news blogs.

The first map below may or may not be utterly nonsensical, since it shows EVERYTHING on earth as inverted directly upside down. The problem with making predictions like this is that no one but God knows exactly how and to what degree the earth’s crust would slip, and to what degree the whole earth would simply tilt, or actually flip. If the scenario shown below actually unfolded in a pole shift scenario, very little human life would be left alive on the surface in the horrific aftermath.

The next map is very well executed artistically and endeavors to predict what a post-earth changes world map might look like 100 million years after the event. That also doesn’t seem to be much help to our human population in the here and now in 2014 A.D.

Gordon Michael Scallion’s “new world map” post pole shift originally predicted that most or all of the dramatic changes shown below [ the new USA map ] would take place between 1998 and 2013. WRONG once again. One by one, many modern predictors of worldwide flooding and catastrophe have been proven wrong when their timelines failed to materialize – thus their credibility badly eroded. But what if our understanding of these timelines is in error? What if these changes are destined to creep onto world coastlines slowly, over time – over perhaps several hundred or several thousand years? The gradual accumulating effects of such changes would still have a dramatic impact on most of the human population:

Europe fares the worst in this post-pole shift scenario envisioned by Scallion in the late 1990s, with only the highlands of Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland and Spain remaining above water. Great Britain is gone:

See for more Gordon Michael Scallion post-pole shift maps like the one above for other regions of the globe.

The next map shows a “new north pole” location dead in the center of the Canadian land mass, and a new south pole just due south of the continent of Australia:

The next map, for reasons I really can’t explain, seems to me to be the MOST PLAUSIBLE projection of a post pole shift America after a serious planetary tilt and subsequent crust slippage [ also known as “crustal displacement” ]. Maybe I feel this way because this is the scenario which allows most of America to survive above land. Maybe none of these maps mean a darn thing, but make for some very interesting ‘imaginary maps eye candy’, yet I can’t shake the re-occurring feeling that the next map below illustrates what’s most likely to take place – a slippage, a tilt, a huge wobble  – but not a complete flip. This new America, what’s left of her, is more tropical, and most likely is about 10-15 degrees hotter year round, excluding the northernmost regions of New England.

The next map below is helpful for Americans as it is a composite overlay of the prophesied earth changes in America from three different sources, showing what projected changes that all three maps agree on – and the differences:

This wildly exaggerated and comical map claims that the world might look like this as early as 2015. The reader can see how predictions such as this might strain the credibility of their sources while leaving the viewer feeling the entire subject might be hogwash.*GQ-5R7QQ1STpW*tpbTm61PHMxTZqAObKqZ1eCEUGELrrr1SbW6hk7JErtrVQvTstFj*OGJhalbZ2mR0jCO21EtOjK3/pgeon.gif

The now famous Zeta-Retuli sourced upside continents map channeled by Nancy Lieder, the well known new age soothsayer and seer. Many of Nancy’s ‘other’ predictions have failed as of yet to materialize.





12 thoughts on “New World Land Maps After A Global Pole Shift: Opinions and Projections Vary Wildly

  1. Based on a week-long series of lucid dreams I had in the late 1980s, the map that you describe above as seeming to you to be the MOST PLAUSIBLE projection of a post-pole shift America is almost exactly the layout I saw in the very last dream, where the sun was coming up over Florida. In each dream I was floating high above the earth. I grew up in Kentucky, and was amazed to see the rolling meadowlands in Central Kentucky rolling like giant ocean waves, 6-8 feet high, in the 1st dream. Each night during that week-long series of dreams, the dream would pick up where it left off the night before and continue. I have never seen the map you are referring that has the “U.S. Department of State Geographer ” designation, but this map confirms precisely the direction of sunrise which I have never been able to quite grasp in the waking state of what I saw in the most lucid dream I have ever had in my life!

    I had never even thought about such things as pole shifts, etc., before this series of dreams, as I am highly educated with a scientific bent. What is happening in the world right now causes me to sense we could well be on the precipice of such an event. After the series of dreams, I began exploring literature to validate my dream series, or to blow it off as a fluke. I learned there is very solid scientific evidence we have had several pole shifts in the history of the planet, and we are overdue another such shift, from a time line perspective.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • I had a similar dream. In that dream, the poles were roughly on India and part of South America. The US tipped on its side and Alaska was on the equator. I found it amazing to see a map representation similar to this because I had only ever seen this in a dream.

      The weather has become increasingly erratic, and I do wonder whether a change in magnetic north might be as much to blame as climate change/global warming.

      Thanks for this article.


    • David P, I would have to agree with you. I also had a dream back in about 2009. I live in Arizona, My dream was about “the second sun” as it was called in my dream. I was looking south and the sun was rising in the south west and setting in the north west of my location. That would have to mean that North america was tilted (east coast to the north, west coast to the south. I have also come across a native prophecy this past year about turtle island. You can find it on youtube. Just type in turtle island prophecy. You will see a pic of a native canadian on there. Anyways it basically states that turtle islands job is to bring the head of the elephant (south america) up to the body of the elephant (europe). That would also tilt north america the same way I described and that the map does. I also had another dream this past year, that California was pushed on top of Texas. Not sure what that means (i was inquiring in my dream where arizona was and it was above texas)


  2. Europe’s swarm satellites show the pole shift over Northern Russia.The ‘new’ equator impacts the forces of nature on&around it.The new equator goes through Russia&is somewhat close to the east coast of the USA.


    • Wow, thanks! I’ll check that out. Scallion had the new land masses right. he just had the dates all wrong by 20 years, give or take. His map will come to pass between now and 2100. – Leigh


      • You’re welcome. It’s pretty mind blowing stuff. Poor sea life was killed sadly.We may get more of these powerful quakes in the near future too when the Alpine Fault ruptures.


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