Heat Map of “Black Friday” Internet Searches Reveals America’s Mega-Shopping Meccas

This incredible “American shopping heat map” is already 5 years old. It predates the awful recent trend of outrageous incidents of public shopping misbehavior which inspired me a few years back to rename the after-Thanksgiving consumer orgy popularly known as “Black Friday” to “Black and Blue Friday.”  As always, when I coin one of my new pet phrases, it spreads like wildfire with at least 50 or so other bloggers / writers claiming they used the phrase first. These are people who needt o get two things in a hurry: 1) an imagination 2) a real life. 🙂

For preppers, rural homesteaders and “back-to-the-landers” a map like this is a simple and elegant little goldmine. It’s very simple. If you want to live a decent, quiet, sane, solid and fairly safe existence during the coming turbulent civil collapse years in America – these large red hot regions with their glowing auras represent all the regions where YOU DO NOT WANT TO LIVE OR RELOCATE TO – and if you live there now, you WILL eventually get pulled into the vortex of violence, strife and hand to hand combat which will periodically erupt during the worst of the “civil collapse” years. Here’s the map:





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