Is Anyone Mapping the Rapid Rise in Incidents of American Police Brutality?

I’ve been asking this question for at least 8 years. And it turns out that, YES, there are many other individuals and organizations watching and documenting what is taking place. One could speculate that a rise in overall “lawlessness” in the United States has now incited the darker natures of many of our law enforcement officers. But one could also speculate that police officers in 2014 feel they often take much more aggressive actions to be able to merely carry out the function of law enforcement duties.

My own observations of escalating American police brutality reached a personal tipping point when I recently watched a video clip from a police officer’s dash-cam which recorded the officer hurtling an innocent college professor to the ground with enough force to fracture her skull because she was perceived to be jaywalking across a campus thoroughfare. She wasn’t even crossing a city street. And she happened to be black.

Sanity is slipping away from police officers who conduct their duties in this manner. They need to be removed from the force and prosecuted. There needs to be legal zero-tolerance of leniency for American law enforcement officers who brutalize innocent persons for menial or even questionable minor offenses. Are our local judges assigning fines and penalties on these officers that are severe enough to teach a lesson? Or are these “policemen gone wild” just walking out of local courtrooms with a mild slap on the wrist – free to return to the streets and assault more civilians for little or no reason, while in the line of duty?

Today I decided to look around and see if there are maps which document the huge spike in incidents of police brutality which have been rising steadily in the US for the past 6-8 years. Here’s a first partial posting of what I found – these maps cover a range of about 6-7 years. I’ll add more current maps in a separate new post later. Readers might also want to spend some time browsing

2010 Statistics on Rising Police Brutality Incidents – Chart

Legal Claims and Lawsuits Filed Against Police Departments and Individuals 2007- 2011 Chart

Use of Excessive Force by Police – Rate of Incidents Per 100,000 People – Charted by State

2010 County Level Police Misconduct Map with Color Coded Legend – [ Note the greater Los Angeles basin ]

Non-interactive push-pin map of police misconduct incidents recorded by the NPMSRP within the last 8.5 months of 2009.

2010 Map Police Misconduct Incidents by State

2010 map shows documented incidents of police misconduct by state – the legend for the map is on the right side.










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