No One’s Mapping the Spread of Gangs in the USA, or Are They Dying Out? Which is True?

I ran several internet searches a couple of years ago, looking for visual data and maps which have documented the spread of violent gangs in the United States. Today, two years later, I am running that search again. Very little new information has been added. Conspicuously missing from the internet’s VAST repository of maps on everything about everything since of the dawn of time are updated maps documenting the spread and scope of gang activity in California and other parts of the USA. This bugs me for obvious reasons. I relocated more than 4 times in 15 years to get away from gangs which were spreading like the plague into parts of the USA which have traditionally been bastions of peace, tranquility, law and order. OBVIOUSLY I am interested in this subject. So where are the maps? Anybody? Most everything seems to be focused on NYC, LA, Oakland and Chicago.

But there is a hidden world of gang activity going out in small town America. No one seems to be mapping that. Yet. In the maps below, if you don’t see a date, assume it’s a map which has been compiled in the past 5-10 years. Is the “gang situation” getting better in America? NO!! Go here if you think I am just paranoid:

Another site which purports to document the heinous wickedness and horrific crimes of gangs is

Realtors seem to be particularly interested in what parts of the USA are becoming either more – or less – safe in the opening decades of the 21st century. I happen not to agree with their 2013 map’s conclusion on California, as I have experienced living in both northern and southern Cali over time, and I got a firsthand look at the “situation on the ground” as they say, while I lived there. But realtors would have the most vested interest in trying to stay on top of this topic. They seem to have a better handle on it than law enforcement does, which bothers me greatly. Here’s one of their maps:

So, what do I worry about the most? Rotten cops who can be paid off en masse, entire financially needy cash strapped small town police departments, including police chiefs, to just turn their heads and ‘look the other way’. I’ve got good reasons to believe this might already be happening in some regions of the USA. Either that, or stupidity within our own police departments has become so epic that local law enforcement literally cannot see what is in plain view in their localities. They are either too busy eating doughnuts, or they are being paid in thick envelopes of cash NOT to see certain things. When this phenomenon gets bad enough, you get: California. The state I live in isn’t that bad. Yet. But I am watching. Some of the maps you’ll see below have been published on this blog before. There seems to be an information “black hole” on the real spread of USA gang activity since about 2010-2011. I am wondering why that is.

Gangs in Oakland

Early 21st century map of southern California showing counties where gang activity is high, along with estimated numbers of gang members.

Crumpled wall map from the CA attorney general’s office showing the California counties where the ‘Nuestra Familia’ gang operates


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