Sinkholes and Karst Terrain Regions in America 1900 – 2015: Maps, Geological Data

“Karst”noun, Geology

Definition: an area of limestone terrain characterized by underground erosion, sinkholes, ravines, underground caves, caverns and streams. global phenomenon of suddenly forming sinkholes has unnerved humanity from Siberia to China to Utah and Florida. Sinkholes have been around since long before we were, but the intensity of recent extreme weather incidents globally, including collapsing underground aquifers, extreme flash floods and excessive rainfall, tectonic plate activity and a variety of other geologic actions have made it appear that a new colossal sinkhole was opening up somewhere just about every day. I decided to look for USA maps that might help people decide where to relocate, based on the higher or lower probability of new sinkholes appearing in their present home regions. Sadly, if you live in either northern Alabama, southern Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, southern Arizona, parts of central Texas and southern New Mexico – then your chances of being exposed to a large suddenly yawning open sinkhole are much greater than other parts of the USA. But don’t take my word for it. Here are the maps I have found to date. Have a look. Now might be a good time to consider a relocation of your family to safer more solid ground, before the next round of “earth changes” makes fresh swiss cheese out of your local neighborhood for the ‘umpteeenth’ time in the past decade. Also: consult the end time ‘earth changes’ prophecies of Edgar Cayce for information on relocating to safer regions as well. Almost all of his ‘earth changes’ predictions are turning out to be right on the money thus far.

To download a high resolution detailed map of all known Alabama sinkholes go to


4 thoughts on “Sinkholes and Karst Terrain Regions in America 1900 – 2015: Maps, Geological Data

  1. I developed vertigo. I’m in Dixie county fl and live n two story cottage on a chunk of Swiss cheese they call land. As my home tilts and sways I am sorry to inform my landlord I won’t b continuing the refooting on this. Not ever level nor square! O help. And these northerners think I’m crazy or kidding!!!!!!!! With 14 30ft deep holes on our 2 acres…..I don’t know how to help this. Guess I’ll keep stealing limestone from across the street!! This is a lot o work for one 29year old girl to take on alone!


  2. We should openly advertise areas prone to sinkholes to protect the consumer and do not allow permits to build in these areas. We should be concerned for each other


    • Yes, we should! Pacifica California comes to mind, where huge chunks of real estate have been literally falling into the ocean for man y years now. Google the region for stunning news reports and photos.


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