22 Maps of New Jersey They Never Showed You in School

This fine piece of very entertaining “map aggregating work” was originally compiled by blogger Chris Kolmar. Re-posted courtesy of Movoto.com

See http://www.movoto.com/blog/opinions/maps-of-new-jersey/

22 Maps Of New Jersey They Never Showed You In School

These maps of New Jersey would have actually made you want to go to social studies.

1. There’s this North/South Rivalry that Even MIT Recognizes

Source: MIT

2. Mostly Because North Jersey Has Taylor Ham and South Jersey Has Pork Roll

Source: NSJersey

3. Everyone Wants to Live in New Jersey

Source: Wikipedia

4. Including an Actual Devil

Source: Elk Township
Sightings of the Jersey Devil.

5. Speaking of Devils, Apparently We Are the Only Ones that Know about Mischief Night

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

6. And How to Pronounce Syrup Correctly

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

7. There’s a Big Divide on Sports Teams

Source: BlogSpot

8. Because South Jersey Roots for Philadelphia

Source: StriperOnline

9. New Jersey Is Really Friggin’ Rich

Source: ESRI

10. But Apparently We Suck at Taxes

Source: Pleated Jeans

11. On the Bright Side, NJ Has the Lowest Suicide Rate in the Country

Source: Imgur

12. There Are a Ton of McDonalds

Source: DataPointed

13. And We’ve Never Seen a True Night Sky – Light Pollution in the US

Source: U Wisconsin

14. One TV Show Has Jaded the Whole Country’s Perception about Us

Source: Gadling

15. It Seems there Is a Central Jersey Based on How People Vote

Source: Wikipedia

16. There Are a Bunch of Nuclear Reactors Around New Jersey

Source: You Don’t Know Jersey

17. People Are Moving Out of Essex County to Ocean County

Source: USA Demography

18.There Are Same Sex Households in NJ, Deal with It

Source: NJ.com

19. Gas Prices Are Cheap Across New Jersey

Source: GasBuddy

20. Reasonable People Can Debate If It’s A Sub Or A Hoagie

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

21. And if It’s Pronounced “Carra-mel” or “Car-mel”

Source: Joshua Katz NC State

22. But We All Agree that There’s Nothing Like Jersey Pride


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