Red White and Booze – Where America Drinks the Most: Maps


It’s one of those things we’ve probably all wondered about at some point. Just how alcohol soaked is the United States?

I began to ponder this question after seeing recently broadcast cell phone video footage of a gang rape executed in broad daylight of a young woman, passed out cold in her beach chair, by other drunk partiers during spring break in Florida. What was most outrageous was that bystanders turned their backs to the incident and just kept on drinking. These college girls standing around on the beach, all with cocktails in hand, could not be bothered by the fact that one of their peers was being sexually assaulted while passed out cold in a drunken black out, on display for all to see.

It counts as one of the lowest, most infuriating moments recently caught on camera in the life of the average American college student while on “Spring break.” It’s also a really good reason to yank your girl out of college completely, turn off the money faucet, put her to work, and let her pay for her own orgy of excess if she wants a college education. Parents should get a clue. And if they can’t, then they need to be ready for the return of their newly alcoholic ‘college educated’ daughter or son, when they come home after graduation to live in the basement, still drinking like wild sailors on leave. Many will return home hooked on the frothy 100 PROOF libations they learned to guzzle while half-assedly earning a questionable college degree on your nickel. I’m just saying, folks.

Other Noteworthy “Drinking Maps” of America


Wisconsin has more binge drinkers than every state except North Dakota, report finds

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2 thoughts on “Red White and Booze – Where America Drinks the Most: Maps

  1. You’re so right about the college thing. IMO College is a big waste of time. Today’s kids are plagued with high student loan debt and marxist indoctrination. What prepared me for the real world was actually working in it, making mistakes and learning from seasoned men and women.

    Most college is a waste of time. Unless you’re going to school to be either a pharmacist, doctor, dentist, nurse, etc…..a bachelor’s degree in journalism or any other filler degree means nothing today.

    What’s more disturbing about the rape thing was the women. When I was in college my peers would have kicked the dog crap out of those boys and we would have taken that woman to the ER for a rape kit. I guess if they murdered her, they’d stand blithely by and peruse their Iphones or just pretend it didn’t happen. Sickening. A lot of these college aged women are really terrible people.


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