Victims of Muslim slaughters soar 80% in just one year

charts and maps document the escalation of Muslim slaughters upon innocents in nations around the world.

The Muslim Issue

How convenient to start the calculations from year 2000 onward. They missed over 1400 years of Islamic terror history. Or perhaps they prefer to be in denial of the hundreds of millions of people Muslims have brutally ambushed and slaughtered since circa 632 AD. Fact is that Islamic terrorism has not had even ONE DAY of a break since 632 AD. It did not start with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Libya. It’s been constant. The West only imagines terrorism is a new phenomenon because the governing elite of the past, banned (Sunni) Muslim migration. So, the Western world lived blissfully ignorant from these problems while they raged in countries where Muslims had managed to infiltrate and force themselves.

So, why are these mass murders soaring? It’s actually a very easy question to answer: because Muslims feel that their kafir enemies have lost the plot and are irrational and incapable to…

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