About A.I.M.


This blog is brand spanking new!  Welcome.

I became fascinated with maps while working on a blog post for another news blog I author, which has now become the first post on this brand new blog.  Maps can save lives and reveal many astounding facts about human activity, weather, the national economy and more. This blog is all about American and other maps  – both modern and ancient  – and what we can learn from them, plain and simple. I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to share what you learn here.

handmade paper rose ... upcycled maps ... my idea: if the map isn't a pretty color, lightly stain it with watercolor wash or "age" it with coffee stain ...





3 thoughts on “About A.I.M.

  1. This might sound like a strange question, but do you have any world maps about/on starseeds and indigo children? I searched your blog and didn’t find any results for those words, but I just wanted to double-check and ask anyway. I wasn’t sure if anyone has gathered statistics on the recent starseed phenomenon. It’s not really a “scientific thing,” I guess, so there may be nothing on it, at all. I figured you’d be a good person to ask, since you have a lot of information on maps and statistics.


    • Not yet…. but I’m on it. Give me a day or two to see what I can find. I’m fascinated by the topic, and built a website for a spiritual teacher who focused on Indigos some years back.



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