#KilledByCops Interactive Map Records REAL Results of Routine Police Brutality

One hope for the project is that better data collection and transparency will lead to further accountability for officers who violate human and civil rights — particularly of Black youth and adults — who are overwhelmingly the victims of police abuse and violence.


Mapping The Spread of Ebola: Collected Maps, Data 2014 – 2015

This report will not be easy to digest, and it was not meant to be. It is now time to PUT THE FEAR OF GOD into persons who are still ‘playing with fire’ by the continuance of certain behaviors which are known to spread the deadly Ebola virus. We all know by now the tragic…

Is Anyone Mapping the Rapid Rise in Incidents of American Police Brutality?

I’ve been asking this question for at least 8 years. And it turns out that, YES, there are many other individuals and organizations watching and documenting what is taking place. One could speculate that a rise in overall “lawlessness” in the United States has now incited the darker natures of many of our law enforcement…