What Does 17 Trillion Dollars Actually Look Like?

Keep in mind as you watch the two videos below that the federal debt is being shown in units of $100 bills. Were it to be shown in $1 dollar bills, it would bury New York City under 20 stories of $1 dollar bills from end to end of Manhattan. This is the legacy that the federal government is leaving for your children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren going 10 to 40 generations deep into the future. It’s not only criminal – it’s immoral and I personally feel – it was illegal the whole time, beginning in 1913 when the Federal Reserve law was passed while Congress was on recess.

I have seen and listened to news reports which estimate that the actual REAL federal debt is now more than 220 trillion dollars. That’s such a preposterous sum it numbs the mind. That would bury every state in the nation 10 feet deep in $100 dollar bills, for starters.

But don’t believe me. Do your own research. Feel free to share.

You might also want to watch this related video:

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